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Weekly Theme: Castiel

We'll focus our 2nd Weekly Theme of February on the show's star angel, Castiel, or Cas to his friends.

He's been with us since the beginning of Season 4 and while plucking Dean from hell has given them a "more profound bond", he's still a good friend to Sam as well. This "nerd angel" has been brought back from death several times and even had to survive without most of his powers in Season 5. There's much to explore with Castiel, one of the most popular characters on the show.

Rec anything involving Castiel from fanfic, icons, wallpapers, picspams, music vids, drawings...you know the list. If not, be sure to check out the Profile Page.

Note: Even during our Weekly Themes open reccing is always in place, so feel free to rec whatever you want (except for reccing your own works because that's only a once-a-month event). Just make sure to put "Weekly Theme:" in your subject line & please use the Weekly Theme Tag. Thx! :D

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